Bedrock Profiling

Our bedrock profiling system uses the latest technology to map and investigate bedrock.


Surface to bedrock depth

bedrock topo
Bedrock topography
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Find hidden channels
Zero Impact

Our system is primarily designed to map placer paleo-channels. In placer gold exploration and mining, it is imperative to understand your bedrock depths and where gold is likely to be found. In almost every placer deposit the best gold is found in ancient river channels. Since the gold rush era, numerous techniques have been used to find and understand the makeup of paleo-river channels.

In the old days, miners would simply dig and hope for the best. Some miners still do. Those are the guys that usually go bust in their first season. Smarter miners will bring in auger drills and test the bedrock that way. Geophysics and remote sensing techniques are commonly used in large scale mining exploration but the costs don’t usually fit the budget of your average placer mine.

We have solved that problem

Placer Bedrock Map from the Yukon

Our new passive seismic system is the best tool for mapping bedrock and finding hidden paleo-channels. The technique uses a special seismic sensor that does not require seismic lines or an energy source such as dynamite. With minimal impact, we can quietly map bedrock on your claims and show you exactly where your channels are.

On top of finding hidden channels, our seismic system will give you a profile of overburden thickness so you know where it is economical to mine and where it isn’t.

Any time that you move dirt it costs you money. Knowing where to dig just makes sense.

Our system is better than other techniques

Seismic sensor in action
Seismic sensor in action

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) works in a similar way by sending radio waves into the ground and measuring the response. GPR will not see past clay layers, permafrost or water-bearing gravels. Our seismic system will map bedrock regardless of water, ice or clay in between.

Drilling results are undeniable if done correctly but drilling is expensive. Even the least expensive drill system still costs a lot. Our system will let you know where to drill and prevent wasting money on areas that won’t hold good gold values. Save your budget for the areas that are going to make you money. For decades large scale mineral exploration has followed this approach. Using geophysics to find drill targets then prove the targets. West Coast Placer is applying this approach to placer mining on a budget that you can stomach.

How our system works

Our geophysical sensor is set up at evenly spaced stations along survey lines that we set up. No line-cutting is necessary. Our instrument “listens” to the earth and records seismic data.

After data is collected we process it using special software and processing techniques.

Then we produce a map of the bedrock.

We can deliver a variety of GIS and map products as well as raw data. This survey qualifies for placer assessment work in BC and the Yukon.

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