West Coast Placer offers specialized archaeology services tailored to the needs of clients in British Columbia and the Yukon. Our expertise lies in conducting archaeological studies and assessments that streamline permit applications for mining and exploration projects.

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Our team is adept at navigating the Notice of Work (NOW) permit process, offering comprehensive archaeological assessments aimed at ensuring regulatory compliance with provincial guidelines on archaeological sites. We aim to facilitate smooth progress for mining ventures by integrating our archaeological expertise directly into the permitting process.

We aim to provide the exact level of archaeological study required to get your permit approved. We avoid unnecessary work to ensure you receive the most cost-effective archaeological assessment possible. Our goal is to secure your permit swiftly, so you can get to mining without delay.

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Archaeological Overview Assessments (AOAs) serve as a crucial first step for our clients in the mining sector, streamlining the path to work with minimal headaches. At West Coast Placer, we understand that our clients’ primary goal is to commence their mining projects as swiftly and smoothly as possible. To facilitate this, our AOAs are tailored to efficiently assess the archaeological potential of a site with a keen eye on the specific needs and timelines of mining operations.

Starting with a comprehensive desktop analysis, our archeologist will sift through existing data, historical records, prior archaeological findings, and relevant environmental and indigenous information. This process is designed to quickly identify any archaeological or cultural resources within the project area. Our objective is to ensure that our clients can plan their activities with the full knowledge of the site’s archaeological context, helping to navigate around sensitive areas and minimize the need for more invasive, time-consuming survey methods.

Preliminary Field Reconnaissance (PFRs) represents a critical next step for our mining clients, aimed at further refining the understanding of a site’s archaeological profile with minimal interruption to project timelines. At West Coast Placer, we are acutely aware that for the mining industry, efficiency and clarity in the early stages of project development are paramount. Our PFRs are designed to deliver just that—a swift, on-ground evaluation that brings our desktop analyses into the field, offering a closer look at the archaeological prospects of an area without unnecessary delays.

During PFRs, our skilled field teams conduct targeted evaluations, walking the ground to verify and expand upon the findings of our AOAs. This hands-on approach allows us to identify any visible archaeological or cultural resources and assess their potential impact on your mining project’s progress. By employing best practices in field reconnaissance, we not only adhere to the highest standards of archaeological investigation but also ensure that our findings are precise and actionable.

We understand that every day counts in the mining sector, and our goal is to facilitate a seamless transition from assessment to action. To this end, our field evaluations are designed to be as non-intrusive as possible, focusing on gathering essential data quickly and efficiently.

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Streamlined Archaeology for NOW applications

Archaeological Impact Assessments (AIAs) are West Coast Placer’s thorough response for mining projects that demand a deeper archaeological examination. We recognize that when a project steps into an area with significant archaeological potential, a more detailed analysis becomes crucial—not just for compliance, but for the project’s smooth execution. Our AIAs are meticulously designed to meet these needs, offering subsurface examinations and, when necessary, artifact collection under strict permit guidelines. This level of scrutiny ensures that every aspect of the archaeological landscape is understood, allowing for the mitigation of impacts in a way that aligns with legal and regulatory frameworks.

At West Coast Placer, we’re proud to elevate our services with the expertise of our in-house PhD archaeologist. Our specialist’s advanced knowledge and extensive experience in the field ensure that your gold mining projects not only meet but exceed regulatory compliance with a deep understanding of archaeological and heritage considerations.

With a PhD archaeologist on board, we offer unmatched precision in identifying, assessing, and managing archaeological sites, tailored specifically to the needs of gold miners. This means a smoother, faster path through the permitting process, allowing you to focus on what you do best: uncovering the riches beneath our feet.

Our commitment to combining top-tier archaeological expertise with our mining clients’ goals sets us apart. Whether it’s navigating complex heritage regulations or conducting thorough site assessments, our PhD-led approach ensures efficient, hassle-free solutions that respect both the past and your future success.

Choose West Coast Placer for a partnership where gold mining and archaeological preservation go hand in hand, guided by the highest level of expertise in the industry.

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