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We know what placer miners want! West Coast Placer has our own properties and we want the same things you do: cost-effective techniques with accurate and easy to understand results.

Our techniques were developed at placer mining operations in BC and the Yukon. West Coast Placer has worked with expert miners from all over North America to fine tune our techniques. We have thoroughly tested every service we provide on real claims. All techniques have proven their mettle before we offer them to others.

We are placer experts

placer gold experts

Our methods integrate geophysics, advanced computer mapping and the latest technology to deliver the very best results to our clients.

West Coast Placer started in 2009 in British Columbia. We’ve spent years exploring in the best placer districts in the world from the Klondike, Atlin, the Cariboo, Similkameen, and other gold bearing regions of North America

What makes us different is our background in large scale mineral exploration. Before getting into placer exploration our experts worked with junior and major mining companies exploring for uranium, diamonds, iron, nickel, hard rock gold, and oil and gas. We’ve worked all over Canada and the United States, from the arctic to the deserts searching for valuable resources. Every resource requires a slightly different approach and we took the techniques that get the best results and applied them to placer exploration.

We love what we do

There is nothing better than discovering something that nobody has found before. That’s what drove the great explorers to set out on epic ocean voyages to find new lands. That’s what drove the prospectors in the great gold rushes of the 1800s to set out to uncharted regions of western North America.

At West Coast Placer, it is our purpose to make discoveries. That’s why we do what we do. Big or small we’ll be happy to help you make your next discovery.

We’ve got some great articles in our blog section that show our passion for placer exploration. Check out our blog section, we guarantee you’ll learn something new.

We’re part of the community

West Coast Placer is a member of several mining associations. We are actively fighting for placer mining rights in BC and the Yukon. We love this industry and want to keep in alive as long as we can.

Cariboo Mining Association

Cariboo Mining Association


Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia


British Columbia Placer Miners’ Association

Ominica Mining Association

Omineca Mining Association

Kamloops Exploration Group

Kamloops Exploration Group

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